Friday, April 18, 2008

April... another amazing meeting!

Yep, another amazing meeting!

We seemed to have outgrown Howleys, and will be relocating, tentatively, to the Quaker Meeting House at 823 North A Street, Lake Worth (next meeting: 5/5/08, 7pm).

Below are snippets from the meeting and updates on issue we discussed:
PBCEC co-chair



This week, sadly, the Riviera Beach Council voted to give up their re-use water from the East Corridor Regional (ECR) water plant to FPL for the West County Energy Center. The last step for this horrendous act of corporate greenwashing and water wastefulness comes before the County within the next month. Check out a recent open letter to the County related to the ECR scandal

Tell your County Commissioners to stop letting their Water Utilities Dept. be dictated by an FPL public relations campaign!,,,,,,,

To find out the latest on our Administrative challenges, check out the DOAH links below:

Gulfstream pipeline is in the appeal process, DEP's Mike Sole has issued a 'Final Order'

The Deep Well injection Final Order has not been issued. Yes, folks FPL HAS NOT WASTEWATER PERMIT and they continue construction


Meeting on NEW ROAD plans, May 6 at 7:30 pm at with George Webb and Patrick Painter. All interested people are invited.

"A new, CityWatch, has formed and is open to anyone who has an interest in working towards "fair, equitable and consistent" services from government to all residents. We have members from several private communities other than the "three sisters" as well as residents from the east side the City and also from the Acreage. County residents are welcome.

...The County plans to submit its proposals for Roebuck and Jog to the permitting agencies next week. Naturally, we will oppose both simultaneously. But since Roebuck is the only project that has funds to back it, our main efforts will be in that direction. It is our opinion that, if Roebuck fails for environmental reasons, the others will go away. Conversely, if Roebuck passes, the others are a given.

CityWatch is having an open forum at RiverWalk on Tuesday, May 6th, at 7:30 P.M. County Engineer George Webb will give the County's side of Roebuck and the City's Environmental Resources Manager, Patrick Painter, will handle the City's. Here's the chance to hear and question both sides of the issue."


If you haven't read the PBCEC letter to the Army Corps on the Seminole Pratt extension, check it out:

We feel that transportation funds from State and County must go to improve public transportation, including the Tri-Rail.


The Sprawl nightmare trudges on... Callery Judge is at it again, seeking an overlay for their building plan.

April 28th 9:30am at the County Commission, 301 N Olive. This time they are using a crooked interpretation of the Ag Enclave to push their density increase. Don't let them get away with it. The JW Corbett MUST be considered in the equation. Take to the streets, take to the roof tops... MORATORIUM NOW!!!


Rock Mining nonsense is continuing forward despite great opposition. This is an issue that may unite the environmental community to fight together in our common concerns for Everglades Restoration and safe water. April 24, 9:30am County Commission

A question: Why are these mining application not going through the Development of Regional Impact (DRI)??


Beach, Reefs and Coastal issues

The 'Reach 8 re-nourishment' projects slated to dredge up the coast are being delayed by legal challenges from Surfrider Foundation and others. Go Team!!

The Port Everglades expansion is also drawing regional opposition. The PBCEC has reps. down there to make comments this past week.

KAYAK-a-Thon coming up April 19, from Riviera to Lake Worth. A Benefit for Reef Rescue. For more info check out 561-588-9896


The conflict with Florida Marlins baseball player, Logan Kensing, continues exemplified by the threats and hatemail we have recieved since las month. We are crafting a throrough response to circulateand gather support to hold figures like this to be responsible to the public. Let the Marlins know how you feel about Logan and his friends that have been sending violent and gruesome photos to us:



The PBCEC submitted a membership application to the Everglades Coalition and was REJECTED! Ouch! Or maybe being 'too grassroots' should be taken as a compliment. Better luck next time. We are still awaiting a formal explanation on the decision, and we wil continue supporting that bioregional coalition and encouraging them to expand their membership to include more volunteer-run groups. you can visit their way-out-of date website at and find out the 'advocacy positions they took in... 2004... C'mon folks, get it together over there!! (i'm not bitter, really.)


In other movement gossip, the PBCEC has been discouraged from calling the Sierra Club National take-over a 'coup' on the Florida Chapter. We have some differing perspectives in the group on the issue and we hope Sierra the best and send our apologees to all the hard working volunteers and activists that have been disrespected in the coup.. i mean process. Maybe some day a clearer truth will surface.

Ok enough of that stuff.

More events & announcements:

4/12 Whole Foods Earth Fair at the Boca Store

4/12 Womens Wellsness Day, 1-4pm, at Pine Jog in West Palm

4/13 2pm Alternative Energy Summit at Jupiter FAU

4/16-17 Boca FAU 'Grassroots Gathering'

4/18 Florida Energy Commission in Tallahassee, details at:

4/25 Launch of People's Radio Station at Little owl,

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