Monday, October 18, 2010

Come hear from former eco-prisoner Tre Arrow

Speaking and playing music at the Quaker Meeting House,
823 North A Street, Lake Worth, FL
Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 from 7-10pm
Donations greatly appreciated!
Hosted by PBC Environmental Coalition and the Earth First! Speakers Bureau
 Come hear Tre Arrow share his wild adventures of life 'on the edge' (and on the run!)
 He will also perform his own heartfelt songs—one night only here in South Florida

Appearing in Rolling Stone Magazine, on the cover of book Eco-warriors (pictured above), and even America's Most Wanted. Tre Arrow first came to public attention in July 2000 when he scaled a U.S. Forest Service building to protest the sale of an old growth forest near Eagle Creek, Oregon. He sat on a nine-inch edge for 11 days in downtown Portland, bringing national attention to the issue. His protest played an important role in reversing the Forest Service’s plans to log the area. He was also involved with several tree sit campaigns in the pacific northwest and ran for Congress in 2000, receiving 15,000 votes as a Pacific Green Party candidate. Tre also spent 6 years in prison for allegations of sabotage against the timber industry. His case gained international attention during his battle to refuse extradition from Canada and he was even listed on the FBI's most wanted in 2002, despite the fact that the actions he was accused of caused no injuries.
Tre is a charismatic, passionate and sincere story-telling speaker and musician. He is an example of environmentalists being targeted by federal authorities. He was threatened with decades in prison due to his political beliefs; his case is one of many which have come to be known as the Green Scare.  He is a dedicated advocate of sustainable living, environmental preservation, and independence from fossil fuels. Tre, who grew up in Florida, has spoken at conferences, universities and community events across the country since his recent release in 2009.

The Earth First! (EF!) Speakers Bureau is a project of the EF! Journal. The Journal, which celebrates its 30th year in print this year, will be moving their office to Lake Worth this winter. Local EF! activists will be tabling at the event with the publications and merchandise.

The PBC Environmental Coalition is a regional organization focused on networking grassroots activists and environmental groups.

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