Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On Oct 27 2008, DEP proves their allegience to FPL, yet again...

The bureaucrats with DEP ignored science, wildlife and public input in canceling the scheduled hearing on WCEC unit 3. We will never forget, nor forgive, their collaboration with the energy empire and their complacency in the face of climate crisis.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

PBCEC November Meeting Reminder THIS MONDAY 7pm (plus: events, updates & news)

Next PBCEC meeting Nov 3rd 7pm at the Friends Quaker Meeting, 823 North A Street. This is a chance to get some last minute election information before going to the polls, and also coordinate with people on working for environmental candidates at polling stations. I know it's a busy time with elections and all, but remember that elected officials are only as good as the grassroots movements that guide them..

And there is also some important, time-sensative PBCEC business to deal with, so if you can make it out, please do... -panagioti tsolkas


**Nov 8 Lake Worth Resource Center grand opening 10am-1pm, at Shuffleboard Courts on Lake Ave (2 blocks west of Dixie) this is a great step in the direction of quality of life improvements for local immigrant communities. For details on volunteering to make the center a success: or call 670-1147

**Nov 12 Airport Expansion hearing on the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Palm Beach County Convention center, 4-7pm open house, public comment will begin at 6pm, 650 Okeechobee Blvd… Our primary concerns:
-Air traffic is a known leading contributor to climate change; this has not been addressed sufficiently
-The adjacent neighborhoods who will be impacted have not had their concerns addressed

For an overview of the EIS process, check out:

To read the PBCEC letter to the FAA, including several links to studies and articles on air-transport, pollution and climate change:

**November 18 County Meeting for the reclaimed water pipe to FPL WCEC
the meeting starts 9:30am. This it a fraud. The taxpayers are now being told to pay 90 MILLION (and counting)… On May 20 2008 the price was 70 Million. Please come and expose the county for once again bowing down and giving our money to FPL.

**Nov 21, 7:30pm, "A Roadmap for US Energy Policy", with Dr. Arjun Makijani,
discussing his recent book 'Carbon Free, Nuclear Free" on responsible and viable energy options for our future. At St. Thomas University, Miami, on 37th Ave, in the Carroll Hall building. This will be a great chance to connect and network with community activists fighting nuclear expansion in Florida.


**Vote YES for Amendment # 4
: Property Tax Exemption of Perpetually Preserved Land; Classification and Assessment of Land Used for Conservation. This amendment provides a tax exemption for property with conservation easements or conservation protection. Property that is used for conservation in perpetuity would not be taxed. For property that is not encumbered perpetually, this amendment requires the Legislature to classify and assess land used for conservation purposes solely on the basis of character or use - agriculture is an example. This amendment encourages the preservation of Florida's ecosystems.

**Check out this week's New Times
for story: 'Coconut Creek suburbanites team with neo-hippies to fight Lowe's' … PBCEC has been joining our neighbors to the south in fighting this issue. The property slated for the 'Cocomar' strip mall contains a unique specimen of Rockland Hardwood hammock.

**check out Green Party perspectives on the election
, and the disappointing similarities between the ruling class political parties and their candidates:

**Join PBCEC in supporting an Off-Shore Drilling Moratorium!!

**DEP=Don't Expect Protection
: For those who didn't make it to the DEP office, we succeeded in initiating a meeting on the cancellation of the WCEC unit 3 Hearing. While they stayed resolute on ignoring our concerns and 'following the letter of the law', we made it clear that the responsibility is in their hands; that they are choosing to collaborate with FPL instead of the public; and that we feel they are engaging in a criminal negligence by disregarding the concerns we have consistently presented. If you want to further express with your disappointment or disgust with DEP's subservience to FPL:

Mike Halpin is the head of the power plant siting office:

Mike Sole and Mimi Drew are heads of the Department:,


Stop the Airport Expansion in Palm Beach


Ms. McDowell,

Individuals and communities to the east and west of the airport are opposing this expansion and its impact on their lives. The Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition (PBCEC) stands with these residents against this unneeded runway expansion and we add our own concerns of further dependence on fossil fuel-heavy air transportation. There is a whole field of study looking at the impacts air traffic on the global climate. We believe air traffic patterns must be reduced immediately, climate science has backed up this mandate. A proposed expansion of facilities at PBI moves us in the opposite direction.

Below are several links on such studies, reports and articles. These only skim the surface:

for general background

For the atmosphere,
Panagioti Tsolkas
Co-Chair, PBCEC

s/Panagioti Tsolkas