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PBCEC 3/3/08 Meeting Summary and More

Sorry to those who missed another great meeting... Join us next time, Monday April 7, 7pm at Howley´s Restaurant

Sorry about some holes in the notes.. I´m on my way to table at the Langerado Festival and running late!

-panagioti, PBCEC co-chair

We discussed:

*FPL updates- We discussed the recent protests and arrests, administrative challenges and federal lawsuit and upcoming protests around the potential Gulfstream pipeline construction. Tuesday, April 1 2008 is a national day of protest called ´Fossil Fools Day´ anounced by the group Rising Tide North America. Find out more at Get in touch for local activities.. Also, tonite (Thursday 7:30pm at Temple Torah in Delray) is the Democratic Exec. Committee (DEC). There is call from PBCEC co-chair Barry Silver to attend and ask for DEC support in our WCEC fight and in specific around the threats of harsh sentences against civil
disobedience protesters.

*Roebuck Rd- This 3 mile road has a long history of opposition from neighbors and opposition. It has been said that it is only a ´NIMBY´ issue, and there may be some truth there, but the reality is that SR 7 extension is tied to this plan, as well as the Jog Road extension. If one goes the other is not needed. If one gets built the other is inevitable. There are no meetings for the immediate future, but please keep an ear out. Many elected officials have expressed interest in stopping this project. Their motives are unclear, but we were informed at our meeting that Megan Kossove, Legislative Aide to Senator Jeff Atwater is coordinating a peition effort. She can be reached at: Phone: 561.625.5101, 561.625.5103 FAX,
mail: 824 US Hwy 1; Suite 210 North Palm Beach, FL 33408

PBCEC feels that this road and all new roads, road extensions and road expansions should be opposed as the gateway drugs of growth and the thieves of public resources that should go towards improving public transit and reducing our fossil fuel dependency. And on that note, we
also discussed...

*Seminole Pratt Extension- [ACTION Needed!} This 6 miles of new/extended 4-lane road has been on the table since 1982. There was no reason for it then, and there is no reason for it now. With Jeb´s Biotech trojan horse, Scripps, beaten back across I-95 (still not far enough!), there is no excuse for this road other than more sprawling development and industry. A public notice for the permit application described below has been posted at
Scroll ¼ down the site. File name: 20080225-saj-2006-7857. Comment are DUE MARCH 17 2008.
Project Name: Seminole Pratt Whitney Road Extension.

*Indian Trail/ Sector Plan- PBCEC participants in the Western Communities are challenging various upcoming decisions intended to facilitate increased development in the rural tiers of the County. The Indian Trails Improvement District council voted to buy water and sewer from the county. The PBCEC supports local residents who say this will accommodate sprawl and drive the cost of living up for people.

*´Reach 8´ is the new beach dredge and fill project that is being fought by Sierra Club members, Surfrider Foundation, Reef Rescue and others. While the Town of Palm Beach voted against paying for the project, they are now pushing for an estimated $100 million in Federal funding for sand in front of a privitized coastline plagued with condos. This project must be stopped! Check for details.

*Marlins Baseball Player endorses and brags about wanton, wasteful and cruel treatment of wildlife- A Marlin was bragging about shooting animals from the air, which are then left to die. PBCEC participants who are concerned about animal abuse are planning to attend a spring
training game and voice their concerns with the team´s image of disrespect for the wild.. Get in touch for more details.

*Airport Expansion- no one from the meeting made it to these hearings, but we are interested in following the issue. Anyone out there available to help?!

*Don´t forget the March 15 ´Energy Film Festival´ at the Delray Beach County Library, Sponsored by Loxahatchee Sierra Club

*Also March 15, 12-2pm protest at FPL´s Hutchinson Island power plant:
No Nuke Expansion!

*March 14, In Miami: Support the fight for affordable housing, join a demonstration hosted by ´Take Back the Land´, 6pm at 46th st and 25th ave.

Here´s a new issue facing our neighbors to the north that was not discussed in our meeting:
*St. Lucie ARC Incinerator- Speaker comes to South Florida, MARCH 13

His message:
¨My name is David Ciplet, and I work with an organization called the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA). We are a global network of 500 organizations and individuals in 81 countries working for healthier alternatives to waste incineration.

I am writing because I will be traveling to Florida next week with my colleagues Dr. Paul Connett and Bradley Angel to talk with community members and decision makers in Tallahassee, Gainesville and St. Lucie about the dangers of incinerators-- including plasma arc incineration. We are working with the newly formed statewide alliance, Floridians Against Incinerators in Disguise.

Building the plasma arc incinerator for St. Lucie County is an enormous decision for the county to make, and it is important that residents and decision makers have all of the information to make an educated decision. If constructed, the Geoplasma facility will be one of the largest incinerators in the world. It also has the potential to be precedent setting for other communities in the U.S. that thus far have been effective in preventing new incinerators from being sited in their community.

We hope that there are individuals in St. Lucie that are interested in hearing about what we see as the health, economic and environmental dangers of plasma arc incineration for your community, as well as the alternatives.

Dr. Connett and I will arrive in St. Lucie county next Thursday, March 13 at around noon. Please let me know if there are individuals that are interested in arranging meetings to discuss these issues with us on that day. Below, I have included links to a movie about some of the impacts of plasma, pyrolysis and gasification incineration. I have also attached a list of case studies about incinerators in disguise from around the world. I think these two items will provide a good introduction to some of the concerns that we have.¨

Below are links to a movie about pyrolysis, gasification and plasma on YouTube. The movie was produced by Healthcare Without Harm and GAIA. In the movie, Dr. Jorge Emmanuel, PhD. reviews some of the dangers of pyrolysis, gasification and plasma incineration. Although the video most directly focuses on medical waste incineration, most of the information presented generally relates to other feedstocks as well. This should provide people with a solid understanding of some of the dangers.

Part 1 (Background):
Part 2 (Pyrolysis, Gasification, Plasma):
Part 3 (Environmental Concerns):
Part 4 (Other Issues):

Dave Ciplet
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA)
(510)883-9490 ext. 102

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