Monday, March 17, 2008

No More Roads in PBC!

[Letter from a Loxahatchee Sierra Club member regarding roads in PBC]
Dear Lox Group,

I am a Sierra member who also lives in the Acreage, part of the Indian Trail Improvement District. I'm asking for volunteers and Sierra's support. I ask that you oppose all new roads in the Western Communities because they allow suburban sprawl to continue westward towards the EAA. What happened to Eastward Ho!?

New roads do not ease traffic congestion. They allow for increases in densities in huge developments that have not yet been built- such as GL Homes, Callery Judge, and many more. The Bert Harris Act forbides me to ask for a moratorium on these scheduled developments eventhough there are 40 months of homes on the market. However, there is no reason to allow the developers to build greater density than legally allowed by the Comp Plan and Ag Enclave. These deals are being made right now but you must contact me for the details. New Roads either pave over existing wetlands or they Eminent Domain existing low density homesteads. The Sector Plan Overlay, if passed, would allow the Western Communities to be filled in with greater density- and is refered to as "infill" in the document. I have copies of the Overlay. Increasing density does not solve sprawl but makes it worse when most jobs are east. These roads will run north and south, not east and west. New roads bring air, noise and light pollution, loss of habitat, and the real possiblity of oil, hydraulic fluid, diesel and gasoline spills.

If you oppose the Roebuck Road extension then you should oppose the Acreage Reliever Road extension (which is part of the State Road 7 extension) and the Seminole Pratt extension. All of these road extensions are new roads that will pave over wetlands. What is troubling to me is that people who oppose Roebuck Road have not opposed the SR7 extension when the argument is the same. Is it because the residents of Bayhill and nearby communities are wealthier than Acreage residents and can pay more for attorneys and senators to back them? I have attached some photos from the Acreage reliever road which is in the Pond Cypress Natural Area. It is also troubling that the money for these roads is already set aside in the County's five year plan (attached). The website for the SR 7 extension road states that "the no build option is still being considered and studied"

Please contact me if you oppose these roads.
I need your help writing letters, making phone calls and commenting at public meetings.
I would like to have the county's five year plan ammended to eliminate the funding for these roads. Taxpayers money should go to more worthy causes.

-Nicolle Tolleson

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