Friday, March 7, 2008

First Court Hearings for Anti-FPL Protestors

Aside from the greenclad suppoters keeping an energetic presence on the streets and in the courtroom, the first round of court hearings went rather uneventfully last Monday March 3. Originally all assigned to the same judge, the 24 protestors with hearings on Monday were split amongst 6 other judges, only to have their cases reset for dates varying from March 14 to March 31. Only one plea offer was made, to drop two of the three charges, and offer community service for the third charge. This plea was accepted and one case is successfully closed!

The public defenders office is putting forth an appreciable effort into our cases, and we are assembling a small team of pro bono private lawyers as well. The state attorney is considering pressing for financial restitution from the defendants, but we hope they do not take such a severe step to unfairly penalize first amendment rights of free speech and expression.

If you would like to be present at any or all of the cases, please contact us for dates and times.


Dr Moon said...

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Anonymous said...

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