Saturday, June 4, 2011

Developer lobbyist Lisa Maxwell aims to fill shoes of disappeared dolphin dealing mayor in Lake Worth special election

When former Lake Worth Mayor Rene Varela resigned last month, over email, with a days notice, his parting gift to the city was a special election to fill his role. The election is set for June 28, 2011.

And there is a familiar candidate on the coming ballot. Lisa Maxwell, who ran for a commission seat last year, is in the race for Mayor.

Maxwell is a former lobbyist for the Builders Association and employee of Miami-based Lennar Corp., one of South Florida's largest builders.

If that doesn't give you enough of an idea where her priorities and allegiances are, then you can have a look at her financial reports from last year and see proof of donations she received from controversial business Southern Waste Systems (SWS).

Despite ongoing efforts to keep dirty money out of elections, developer candidate Lisa Maxwell accepted $2,500 from 5 different companies all operating out of the SWS facility on the Lantana/Lake Worth border.

Despite these facts, Maxwell is sure to try and convince the public that she is devoted to creating a "green" environment. Don't be fooled by the greenwash.

Aside from these environmental controversies, Maxwell has been involved with a plethora of other lobbyist-oriented drama throughout Palm Beach and Broward Counties, from advocating against unionized teachers, arguing against traffic concurrency requirements and advocating demolition for historic homes. In short, she's the perfect politician. The kind we've had enough of in south Florida.

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