Monday, November 1, 2010

Lisa Maxwell and Carla Blockson taking dirty money from Waste Transfer Dump

Despite ongoing efforts to keep dirty money out of election, developer candidate Lisa Maxwell accepted $2,500 from 5 different companies all operating out of the Southern Waste Systems facility on the Lantana/Lake Worth border. Last report the BACPAC took over $1000 from SWS et al, and has been using the money to support Maxwell and Blockson.

See for yourself in Lisa Maxwell's G4 financial report

Or the BACPAC's report


Lynn Anderson said...

Nothing can get lower than Maxwell and this PAC--whoring themselves for money. This is disgusting beyond disgusting and goes right along with their attack fliers that were full of lies. Heaven help this City if this group can influence our elections with Union and Sun recycling big bucks. Beyond shameful.

... said...

Lisa Maxwell is now running for Mayor, and once again trying to claim she is an advocate of the environment. Don't be fooled.