Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mayoral Candidate Rene Varela profits off of wild dolphin trafficking

Since we hosted the Environmental Candidates Forum in Lake Worth, Rene has refused to communicate with the PBC Environmental Coalition. Perhaps this is why...

He is featured in a recent award-winning Canadian documentary called The Dolphin Dealer:

The documentary indicates that Rene Varela is a "key character, " involved in selling 28 wild dolphins caught off the Solomon Islands to a luxury resort in Dubai. He's worked for Ocean Embassy, a company that traffics in marine wildlife, in since 2005:

A Few Facts About Dolphins in Captivity
For every wild dolphin taken captive, at least one other is injured or killed during the capture process. Studies suggest that mortality rates increase six-fold after capture.

Even in the largest facilities, captive dolphins have access to less than 1/10,000 of 1% (0.000001) of the space available to them in their natural environment.

Dolphins in captivity are often restricted to swimming in circles. In many dolphins, this behavior is a sign that the dolphin is suffering psychologically.

In cement pools, chlorine is added to keep bacteria levels safe for humans. The levels of chlorine used, wreak havoc on a dolphin's skin and eyes, sometimes even rendering them completely blind.

For more on dolphins in captivity, check out World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)


karma said...

I am appalled that Varela has misrepresented himself to the people of Lake Worth. Why is this not more widely reported in the local media? This is something that the voters need to hear about...spread the word...tell the Post and the TV...I am sickened.

Tuesday said...

Rene Varela should not be running for mayor of Lake Worth if he is involved with that horrific company, Ocean Embassy...hey are bad for the animal kingdom and humankind

Talena said...

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