Friday, October 9, 2009

Florida Solar Energy Industries Association sell out to the fossil fuel industry; support offshore drilling..


The link below is to the Press Release posted last week on what appears to be a corporate buyout of Florida Solar Industries Association, advocating FOR offshore oil and gas drilling.

From Press Release:
"Florida's leading advocates for solar energy today announced their support for the proposal to authorize offshore energy exploration for oil and natural gas in Florida's waters..."

The Press Release contact Ryan Banfill. The number is a corporate public relations firm, Ron Sachs Communications. 850-222-1996. The employee at the FL SEIA office responding to the press release is Bruce Kershner.

From the South Florida Business Journal:
“The proposal to drill in Florida state waters has the potential to create a cleaner and wealthier future for Florida if it provides a sustainable funding source for the development of vibrant programs that will help Florida become a leader in the solar energy industry,” Kershner said.

Please contact Bruce and FL SEIA about this awful decision:
Phone: (407) 339-2010 or (800) 426-5899, Fax: (407) 260-1582

Address for FL SEIA
231 West Bay Avenue
Longwood, FL 32750-4125

The study FlaSEIA cites on their website advocating for offshore drilling was prepared by Fishkind & Associates. A corporate financial consulting firm whose client list includes FPL and Progress Energy, among dozens of other industrial and development-oriented interests.

This is terribly sad (and totally pathetic). I hope that we are able to respond as a unified environmental community to tell these solar advocates that we refuse to let the fossil fuel industry manipulate our call for decentralized, renewable energy options.

This page has a list of all officers and board members (all of whom have email addresses and phone numbers listed):

For a truly decentralized, sustainable Florida,
panagioti tsolkas
co-chair, PBCEC

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