Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A powerful message of HIV awareness from a PBCEC activist

[Some of you will certainly remember Robby Astrove from his attendance at PBC Environmental Coalition meetings and his environmental educational work with youth through the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation. Robby was committed to teaching and taking action on behalf of the Everglades while he was in Palm Beach County and he has taken his passion and commitment with him to Atlanta, advocating for health and the environment there as well. Below is a powerful message from Robby regarding his effort to raise awareness surrounding HIV/AIDS...]

"Hey Everyone, I have some personal news to share with you….

Last year Danielle and I walked in the Atlanta AIDS Walk and this year we will walk again, but from a different perspective; as the spokespeople for AIDS Walk 2009. This year I’m celebrating 31 years of living with HIV, and at the beginning of 2010, it will be 9 amazing years with Danielle. We are a serodiscordant couple, Danielle remains negative.

We have made a commitment to be the faces and voices of the event, to share our story, and educate the community about how this disease impacts all of our lives. We will raise awareness, provide prevention education, promote positive behavior changes, and give you a personal connection to HIV. One of our key messages is HIV can be prevented and we are a living example.

We are realizing more and more that our story is powerful and can really make a difference in someone’s life.

Our call to action: get tested everyone, educate yourself, practice safe sex, and sponsor me for the walk!

Join our team, raise funds, and walk with us in Atlanta on Sunday, October 18, 2009. If you can’t join us, I would love your support by checking out my webpage, sponsoring me, and spreading the word to your networks. Every bit of support counts!

My webpage is http://www.aidswalkatlanta.com/hishand. From there you can read my story, sponsor me, and access the team page--Team Robby and Danielle. From the team page you can click on team members’ links, like Danielle’s, to see their pages and stories as well.

Everyone has a story to share and this is part of ours. Every life deserves hope! You are welcome to forward this email to your friends and families so that we can reach as many people as possible.

Thanks for the support, it means a lot to us and the community! I’ll be following up again closer to the walk and I hope to hear from you much sooner."


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Sharon said...


1 in 4 sexually active teenagers become infected with an STD every year, in the United States alone. Now, more than ever, we need to join together to fight this growing issue. As I read through your website, it is clear that you share the same passion for STD/STI awareness. We here, at Disease.com, understand the importance of STD/STI prevention and treatments. If you could, please list us as a resource or host our social book mark button, it would be much appreciated. We can not reach every teenager, but together we can try.
If you need more information please mail me with the subject line as your URL.

Thnak You,
Sharon Vegoe