Thursday, September 17, 2009


Protect Highlands County and Fisheating Creek, Save Rural South Florida

[photo of Fisheating Creek by Leonard Bryant]

SPEAK OUT at Highlands County Commission Meeting
at the Highlands County Government Center, 600 S. Commerce Ave, Sebring

The community of Venus in one of the most rural and wild places remaining in South Florida. The Eagle National Security Training Center is a proposal for a privatized military facility that would add 7,700 acres of military, industrial and residential development to southwest Highlands County.

Specifically, this includes:
6,000 foot airstrip, helipad, 2,000 acre free-fire zone, 5 story building, 25 single family homes, a dormitory for 1,000 trainees, 100 multi family residences, 250 foot training towers and 950,000 square feet of up-to-three story buildings

This land is part of the last open space in the State that serves as critical habitat for endangered Florida Panther and Black Bear. It is in the watershed of Fisheating Creek, which is one of the most pristine natural places in South Florida; it is the last wild free-flowing waterway that runs into Lake Okeechobee.

For more info on Fisheating Creek, check out:

"By 2010, if Seth Ellis [who represents the project] gets his way, Venus will become known as a live-fire training center for the military, homeland security, local police, even foreign governments. Ellis appeared … at the Highlands County Commission meeting, requesting expedited permitting for Eagle National Security Training Center, a 7,700-acre expanse near the Glades County border."


“Greg Eagle [who is behind the proposal] is a Fort Myers commercial real estate broker who gave $750,000 … to Floridians for a Better and Brighter Future, which helped elect Charlie Crist in 2008.”

– Quotes from Highlands Today

If you cannot attend meetings, please…
Send letters, emails and phone calls:
County Commissioners

Barbara Stewart:

Don Bates:

Jeff Carlson : 863-382-4141

Guy Maxcy:
863-385-7755(W) 863-385-1484(H)

Ed Stokes:
863-655-0079 or 863-402-6515

Development Services Director
Mark J. Hill:

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