Sunday, July 6, 2008

Spend Next Weekend Standing up for the Loxahatchee

As the Gulfstream Natural Gas pipeline extension nears completion despite legal challenges, and construction on the West County Energy Center chugs ahead despite a federal lawsuit and the on-the-job death of a construction worker, it is imperative that we keep the pressure on FPL to halt these destructive projects.

This coming weekend, everyone is invited to join Everglades Earth First! in an energetic protest & overnight vigil near the construction sites of both the Gulfstream Pipeline and the West County Energy Center. We will be:

* Camping out on highly visible, public land to carry the message that both projects should be immediately halted and all permits & certification revoked.
* Launching canoes and kayaks on public waterways to monitor and document the progress of the pipeline, since our government agencies do not seem to be doing an adequate job. Remember, it was the PBCEC that helped identify unmarked gopher tortoise sites in peril and pointed out several permit violations, NOT the agencies assigned to the job.
* Taking field trips to the nearby Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and recently opened Stormwater Treatment Area 1, where last month Governor Charlie Crist came to announce plans for reviving Everglades restoration efforts - even though just a few miles up the road, the nation's largest fossil fuel power plant was being constructed smack in the middle of CERP projects!
* Having fun!

Four more activists will be facing trial the following Tuesday for their part in the action against the WCEC on February 18th. Let's show a little support and let FPL know that we will not back down!

If you want to join us, please email or call for more information! Bring canoes if you got 'em, signs, banners & costumes, sunscreen, bugspray if you need it, a tent and sleeping gear, and some food to contribute!

See you there!

Call 561-588-9666 for more information before the event starts or call 916-284-1911 on the day of the event for details and directions!

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