Friday, July 11, 2008

PBCEC News from the Earth First! Round River Rendezvous in Ohio, and more

Hey y'all, i just got home from the Earth First! National Round River Rendezvous in Ohio.. As some groups slide down the slope of compromise and greenwashing, it is encouraging to see that others are taking even stronger stances, it seems that environmental direct action is on the rise around the US, and i would like to think that the PBCEC is among the groups who are considering all the tools in the toolbox for protecting the environment.

There was a crew of us from FL at the protest in Ohio [details below]... They could really use our support up there, if you have the chance to offer it. Many of these same folks helped us out a lot with our action here in the Everglades in February.

We need to see more of this sort of action around here!! (minus the pepper spray, preferably)

Below is also news from a similar, inspiring Earth First! protest in Virginia the week before..

Sorry that i have missed several PBCEC meetings; i have been traveling with the intent of gaining more support from activists around the country for our efforts down here in the year to come.. i think it will be an interesting fall/winter here, to say the least.

Hopefully there are some ideas here to get our creative juices flowing for the coming season.

And don't forget: the local Everglades Earth First! group will be camping out near the power plant site this weekend and the next round of FPL protest trials begins on Tuesday July 15...

co-chair, PBCEC

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Earth First! action in Ohio July 7 shuts down American Municipal Power HQ for the day to expose the company's new coal proposals in the region..

For details, updates, photos, etc...

**All are out of jail. Help offset bail costs by donating!**

Several are facing trumped up charges, including "Rioting".. Stay tuned for details.

Money will be collected care of the Earth First! Journal at

News/TV Coverage:

ALSO: Earth First! blockade in Virginia. 12 jailed and needing support

Hey all—Please circulate this e-mail on your list serves and pass it along to supportive friends and family. I'm in Richmond Va. where there was a lockdown Dominion's downtown HQ. Four women locked down with lockboxes and a concrete full barrel, while a male climber dangled off a suspension bridge anchored by the barrel. Last week, Virginia's Air Board voted to permit the Wise County plant and now Earth First! and Mountain Justice have responded in kind.

The action backed up traffic into downtown Richmond...and they swept up eight support people (who didn't intend to get picked up) as well. Coverage in the Richmond Times Disbatch can be veiwed by following this link:

Right now, the media support and jail support teams are working on getting our arrestees out of jail and getting the story out.

Thats all for now more updates to come as situation develops...

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