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*PBCEC October '07 Digest

WCEC updates
*New Petition

*Letter to Governor Crist announces a 10 day countdown
*October 18th, Call to Climate Action in Miami!
*Anti-FPL Halloween Costume Party-Pr
-Rock Mines/EAA Plan (LINK ADDED 10/3)
-Lox Refuge License Agreement.
-Nuke Whistleblower S
hines Light on FPL
-Ag Reserve
-Hometown Democracy
-Fundraising: yard sale/moon fest
-Wexler event

-WCEC updates
This past week our legal efforts surrounding FPL's plant being built in Loxahatchee were expanded to include m
ultiple administrative challenges to the DEP's permit for deep well injection on the WCEC site. This is billions of gallons of water that will not be cleaned and will not be available for a drought-stricken ecosystem. This wastewater could be causing severe harm to the pristine waterways that are flowing below the ground and, many believe, could potentially compromise drinking wells in the region.
Our administrative challenge to the Gulfstream pipeline has been extremely effective, causing the entire permit to require new review, and a whole new public noticing process. Just this week, the levee alon
g the L-8 proposed to hold the buried pipe blew out from heavy
rains (not the first time.)
Lastly, our federal challenge is gathering momentum and we expect to be joined by some other groups and attorney
s soon.
*New Petition
Since last meeting, several members have been circulating petitions against FPL's WCEC. Over a hundred have been collected already, showing that there is a growing, educated public presence opposed to this plant. A stack of these were turned into the County Commission at this months 'Matter by
the Public.' Attached to this email is a copy of the newly formatted petition that anyone can print out, get filled and return at the next PBCEC meeting. A petition opposing the plant is also online:
*Letter to Governor Crist…
A letter was sent letting Crist know that we have appreciated the stand he took on environmental issues earlier this year, but we are growing disillusioned. If the Governor is serious about reducing Greenhouse Gases, it means looking at the largest polluters and stopping them. If Crist cannot take a stand against this huge, dirty power plant that is illegally under construction in the Ev
erglades, than we feel that he may not deserve support from the environmental community. We have given him ten days to respond to our letter, if he does not explain his position, than we will assume that he is complicit. Read the full letter at:
*Oct 18th Call to Climate Action in Miami
Governor Crist will be speaking at the "Renewable Energy—Trends in Global Innovation and Finance" conference is being held in Coral Gables, Miami on October 18th. If Crist expresses his intent to work with u
s in stopping the WCEC, we will applaud his determination and commitment to protect the sensitive ecosystems of south Florida and curb the coming climate catastrophe; if he does not stand with us, and instead expresses allegiance to the corporate green-washers, we will expose his short-lived sincerity. The conference can be registered for at the below link (it's expensive!) The PBCEC will be planning for some sort of public presence and press conference on this day. Get in touch for details.
*FPL Halloween Costume Protest-Party
The Everglades Earth First! group is hosting this shindig at the FPL's corporate offices in Juno Beach, from 4:30-6pm

-Rock Mines/Everglades Ag Area (EAA) Plan
The Rinker proposal was tabled; Ken Todd was requested to elaborate on the study (call and ask for a copy at 355-4060). At our meeting it was asked if we have a common vision for the EAA. It was generally agreed that we all support a flow way, similar to what is known as 'Plan 6' in CERP-speak, or the 'Marshall Plan', which rock-mining couls severely inhibit. It was also mentioned that the outcome of 'the Sector' Plan battle in the Acreage area could set a precedent for what's to come, zoning-wise, in the EAA. Keep an hear out for this item at the County.
Check out this interesting article on the future of the EAA:
-5 Year Update on the Lox Refuge License Agreement
Tuesday, October 16, 2007, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., South County Regional Civic Center, the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge [LNWR] will be hosting a public workshop for the South Florida Water Management District and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service License Agreement. As part of the license agreement performance measures, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) must present a 5-Year update on the various refuge programs. There will be powerpoint presentations on exotic vegetation controls, research, water quality, fire, public use, law enforcement, and water coordination efforts with other governmental agencies. The public is invited to attend and learn about Refuge management programs. The South County Regional Civic Center is located at 16700 Jog Road, Delray Beach, just south of Linton Road on the east side of Jog Road.
For additional information, please visit the refuge website at or call the Administration Office at (561) 732-3684.
-Nuke Whistleblower Shines Light on FPL
There was great coverage of the weekend events
-Ag Reserve
Palm Beach County tax payers spent 100 millions dollars to purchase land in the supposed Ag Reserve in South Palm Beach County; now Commissioner Burt Aaronson has led an effort to open the area to development. Tell him what you think:
-Hometown Democracy
Get with local activists to go and collect signatures, contacts:
If you haven't signed it yet, do it immediately:
YARD SALE NEXT SATURDAY! If you can donate items, call 561-588-9666. Also, on October 27th, we have been invited to work the beer concession at Moon Fest in downtown West Palm. We need 15 committed volunteers, so again please call 588-9666 immediately to confirm availability.
-Wexler event
OCTOBER 9. Citizens for Social Responsibility invites you to hear Congressman Robert Wexler, who will give "A Report from Washington" on Tues, Oct 9 at 1:00 PM. This is CSR's 1st meeting of the 2007-8 season. The meeting will take place at the South County Civic Center, 16700 Jog Rd, Delray Beach 33446. Refreshments will be served. For further information, contact Bobbi Graff at

Wexler signed onto the letter
concerning the West County Energy Center that went to the Cabinet in December '06. Ask him if we is still with us... This may also be a good place to fill petitions and circulate flyers.

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