Monday, October 22, 2007

*PBCEC November Meeting Announcement and Update: ¨Remember Remember the Fifth of November...¨

In commemoration of Guy Fawkes Night, join the PBCEC in our monthly meeting (11/5) 7pm at Pegasus Restaurant in Downtown Lake Worth at 3rd Ave North and Dixie Highway. (Check out to see our most recent letter to Crist, our lengthy response to FPL´s letter to a Fox Trails resident, news and pictures from our protest in Miami.. You can also sign our petition, make online donations there.)

On the 11/5 Agenda:
*The battle with Florida Power & Light rages on...
-LEGAL STRATEGY: We need a plan, we need SERIOUS fundraising. Our lawsuits are getting under way and we need to gather support to keep them alive.
-OUTREACH & ORGANIZING: We have a good opportunity for fundraising and collecting petitions at Moon Fest in West Palm, Oct 27. If you are available, please meet at 5pm at Respectable Street Cafe 518 Clematis Street, WPB..
We also have a costumed protest on Oct. 31 at FPL Offices in Juno Beach, please be there!
-MOBILIZE! The 29 of November (Remember, Remember!) The PBC County Commission will have the West County Energy Center brought before them for a request to increase the site´s Megawatt capacity to 3800 MW, making it in the top 3 largest fossil fuel burning power plants in the country. We will discuss mobilizing for this meeting, 9am at 301 North Olive (the County Building).
-POLITICAL SUPPORT: We have gathered interest from several regional elected officials. Who can follow up with these people, or their assistants? (Wexler, Skidmore, Klein, Hastings, Bucher...) There are 2 dates in November (13th and 27th) for FL´s Legaslative Delegation Public Hearings. Who can attend? For details call 561-355-2406
*Rock Mining in the Everglades Agricultural Area...
-The County meeting for rock mining in the EAA that was scheduled for 10/23 has been postponed...
-Check out John A. Marshall’s excellent comments on Rock Mining & a plan for the EAA:
...Or if you prefer your information on rock mining to be devoid of any science or conscience, check out Doug Callaway website from the Floridians for Better Transportation (aka FL Chamber of Commerce)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*December *December 13 Joint Meeting with SFWMD and County
This meeting will be held a the PBC Convention Center, 9am to 1pm, the agenda will be loaded with crucial issues: MECCA FARMS, L-8 ROCK PITS, LOXAHATCHE RIVER, URBAN REDEVELOPMENT PLAN, DROUGHT FORCAST, NEW LANDFILL and more. We need to pack this meeting! Mark your calendars! Spread the word!!

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