Friday, September 2, 2011

"If A Tree Falls" documentary on the ELF playing in Boca all week

Starting Friday, September 2nd, the film If a Tree Falls, on the Earth Liberation Front, will be screening at FAU's Living Room Theaters. There are currently no other screenings scheduled for FL, so don't miss it!

Directions and details on Living Room Theaters

Times of Film Showings:

Friday, Sept. 2
2:50pm / 5pm / 7:40pm / 9:30pm

12:40pm / 2:50pm / 5pm / 7:40pm / 9:30pm

12:40pm / 2:50pm / 5pm / 7:40pm / 9:30pm

12:40pm / 2:50pm / 5pm / 7:40pm / 9:30pm

5pm / 7:40pm / 9:30pm

5pm / 7:40pm / 9:30pm

5pm / 7:40pm / 9:30pm


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