Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PBCEC statement on the BP offshore drilling oil blowout disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

Oil from the Deep Horizon disaster is moving rapidly towards the Gulfstream current, potentially bringing an oil spill to our shores in Palm Beach County.

In light of the BP disaster in the Gulf, We demand an end to all off-shore oil drilling on the coasts of Florida.

BP is primarily responsible for this oil spill thus, we call for a boycott of all BP products until the oil spill is cleaned up and all damages paid for.

We seek the declaration of a state of emergency by the State and Federal governments in order to use all available resources to stop the leak, clean the spill and stop the oil from coming to Florida if at all possible.

We seek a special session of the Florida Legislature and U.S. Congress to accomplish the above, and to take all feasible measures to get our state and nation off of its fossil fuel addiction by ending all further expenditures and permits for fossil fuel plants and granting tax and financial incentives for decentralized, renewable energy.

While BP is primarily responsible, other corporations such as Halliburton and energy companies such as Florida Power & Light (the state's largest single purchaser of oil and gas) are responsible and should also be held financially accountable.

In the end, we are all responsible by living in a society in which we are all dependent on oil and gas. This addiction must end.

We call upon all people from all political, religious and social backgrounds to come together in a common effort to break our addiction to fossil fuels and create an energy independent America.


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