Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Environmental Racism and Environmentalist Solidarity in Palm Beach County

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Below are recent links to some of the work that the PBCEC has been doing in solidarity with community activists in Riviera Beach and Lake Worth regarding environmental justice issues. Please feel free to pass them along. It would also be nice to see support through positive comments after the articles, if you have a minute to type a note.

While these issues are huge problems, we recognize that they are only skimming the surface of environmental racism in Palm Beach County, which is rooted firmly in the racist policies that resulted in a war to steal this land from Seminole communities 200 years ago.

It's time for a unified movement to address the these concerns and change the foundation of a society that is built on greed and racism.

-Panagioti Tsolkas
PBCEC co-chair

News on Riviera Beach FPL power plant

News on dirty waste Plant in Lake Worth's Osborne community:

Here is a video from the joint Riviera Beach Civic Association/PBCEC meeting:

These are the original 17 principles of Environmental Justice from the 1991 conference:

Info on Environmental Justice and federal law (NEPA):

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