Thursday, March 26, 2009


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ALACHUA COUNTY, FL- Today, A group of youth joined with Earth First! activists at Plum Creek's regional office chanting "From Florida to Maine Development is the Same". The youth who attended last week's Earth First! Roadshow presentation in Gainesville were inspired to take local action for the environment.

The youth, ranging in age from 4-11, requested a meeting to present letters expressing their concerns with Plum Creek's development plans here in Alachua County and in the Moosehead Lake region of Maine. Plum Creek is the largest land owner in the United States and have drawn criticism across the country for their land management practices.

They were denied entry.

The group sat peacefully in the door way with colorful signs reading: "Plum Creek, Listen Up!", "Save Our Streams", "Protect Maine's North Woods, Save the Sunshine State."

After being told to leave, the group distributed flyers with the following text:

Plum Creek - Why are you selling our future?

In the Indian Stream area of the Moosehead Lake region, Plum Creek is planning to develop luxury resorts and sites open to gravel mining, water extraction, sewage sludge spreading, and commercial logging. This area is renowned as pristine, intact wilderness; sensitive habitat for endangered lynx; and culturally important deer yards.

Plum Creek is trying to develop 1,800 homes near Gainesville, creating even more urban sprawl for our city. This development would take place in environmentally sensitive areas that include wetlands and headwaters of ecologically significant creeks.
Plum Creek is also creating Gopher Tortoise ‘prison camps’ masquerading as species conservation to facilitate sprawl and logging in North/Central Florida. Our turtles don’t need forced relocation, they need to be left alone, where they belong.

Save the North Woods, leave Maine alone!
Stay out of the Sunshine State, leave Florida alone!


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