Saturday, January 17, 2009

Restraining Order for Dennis Mele

This matter having come before the Earth First! Judicial Consensus Court Application for Restraining Order and/or Injunction, the court having considered the pleadings, and otherwise being fully advised in the premises finds:

1. Immediate and irreparable injury will result if a restraining order is not issued immediately as requested
2. The order shall be effective indefinitely unless the respondent Dennis Mele, actively particiaptes in Everglades Restoration.

Respondent Dennis Mele, directly or through any agents, together with any persons and/or entities operating on behalf of and/or in concert with Dennis Mele are hereby restrained and enjoined from:
The greater Everglades bioregion, including but not limited to the parcel of land between Lyons and Banks Road in Coconut Creek and Margate.

s/Earth First! Consensus Judge Beardo
Dated: January 16, 2009

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