Thursday, September 18, 2008

PBCEC Sept ’08 Notes, News and Updates

PBCEC Notes from 9/1/2008:

Ok, so our Labor Day meeting was a small one in numbers, but pretty huge in content. I hope that means that the usual participants enjoyed their workers’ holiday immensely and are all fired up to show a strong presence for the October 6 meeting. Here at the PBCEC virtual HQ, I’ve been keeping busy: prepping for legal filings, pumping out press releases, networking/socializing, keeping the webpage and the email box caught up, and trying to get people fired up for Saturday’s Rally in Defense of the Everglades that we are a part of. Those this month’s installation of ‘notes and updates’ is laden with links; many to our PBCEC page.

The intent is to get some attention to that site—convince you to view it as a resource and tool at your disposal for organizing and researching, etc... and maybe even encourage you to visit the paypal button and share some wealth with your local Coalition. I hope you take some time to check out the great links..

For an end to the FPL stranglehold on South Florida, “your days of plenty are numbered Lew…”
Panagioti, pbcec co- chair


The River of Gas

There’s been some incredible WCEC updates, primarily with the re-filing our federal challenge and filing an emergency Motion for Injunction on construction.

We also gave some time to getting ready for the Sept 20 Rally to Defend the Everglades!!

Download the 9/20 Flyer:

Wanna do the ‘Ride to the Refuge’ Saturday morning?! Meet us at 7:30am sharp at 367 Colonial, north of Forest Hill and just east off Dixie. If you can’t manage getting there that early, you can catch up with us at 8:30am on the intersection of Southern and Jog road, where we will take a short break.

About the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, where the Rally will begin at 10am (in the STA 1 east, which is actually SFWMD land)

And mark you calendars for Oct 27. There will be another DEP hearing, this one in front of an Administrative Law Judge, on WCEC unit 3, at the Wellingtion Community Center, 12 noon. Please attend ready to testify under oath.

Road Rage
We also talked about new happenings in the road resistance efforts, which PBCEC recently participated in by filing our opposition with the Army Corps of Enginners to Roebuck and the Jog extension. Check it out:

RNC invite the Police State in MN
Most of you heard by now that I went to Minnesota to join the protests at the Republican National Convention

Well, the police state got pretty out of control, and know folks there need our help:

Interested in the Earth First! movement?

A little EF! origin story:

An EF! story on the Climate Justice movement and its potential

News on an EF! Roadshow crossing the country this spring:

New Clips and random tidbits:
Sunshine Energy participant sues FPL

A great new short film on the ecological social impacts of the Border Wall between US and Mexico:

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