Thursday, May 29, 2008

PBCEC June Meeting Invite and Digest

Next PBCEC meeting: June 2nd, 7pm at the Friends' Quaker Meeting, 823 North A Street, Lake Worth (We are still using this space on a temporary basis; PBCEC is not directly affiliated with the Quakers or any religious groups)

For those who have not heard, i was arrested at our press conference about our Federal lawsuit on a warrant for Martin County. The arrest appeared retaliatory, in relation to our lawsuits and monitoring efforts. I was released onSunday, with a $5000 bond and am still awaiting details on the charges. Thanks to all who sent good thoughts my way.

Our legal expenses are building up. If anyone feels like donating a days work, or a portion of their 'stimulus' check, or tapping into your secret inheritance.. now might be a good time. We now have a prepared document for donors to receive tax deduction, thanks to our fiscal sponsor. These will be available at the June 2nd meeting (if you cannot make the meeting, but are interested, please get in touch for details).

panagioti tsolkas
PBCEC, co-chair

check out the news stories... pretty crazy stuff.,0,841973.story

Proposed Agenda:
-WCEC fight, updates, organizing, lawsuits, etc.
-Rock mines
-Governors Climate Summit

Upcoming events:

Join us this Saturday for the Kick-Off to Greenpeace's Global Warming Campaign!

Who: Greenpeace, local community members, Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition, Palm Beach Community College Ecology Club, Florida Atlantic University Environmental Club, Palm Beach Gardens Green Group

What: Greenpeace is working alongside community members to demanding strong leadership from our representatives to end global warming. The event is free and there will be fun family activities, speakers, music and free food. Bring your friends and family and learn how we can all work together to save our shores and our way of life here in Florida from global warming.
Where: Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, 2500 Jupiter Park Drive, Jupiter, FL 33458.
When: 12:00 to 2:00 Saturday, May 31st
Contact: RSVP to Lauren Thorpe, 845-729-5750,

Message from local Project Hot Seat organize, Lauren:
"The Climate Security bill that all the green groups are talking about recently is also known as the Warner-Lieberman bill and it is not a good global warming bill... Warner-Lieberman falls short of what science says we need to do to stop global warming and gives very generous subsides to Nuclear and other non-renewable sources of energy.

The Safe Climate Act or the Boxer-Sanders bill is the strongest piece of climate legislation out there as of now and this is what were have been focusing on our targeted Reps to sign onto as a step in the ladder of becoming a champion on climate change. here is a link to the bill.
It calls for 80% CO2 reductions by 2050, investment in renewable energy and no hand outs to nuclear or coal. Greenpeace has played an important role in helping to get the 151 co-sponsors of the bill to date. Soon to be 152 by time we mobilize a mass movement down in south Florida like never before!"

RESIST the Greenscare! Eco-Prisoners Solidarity Night
Saturday, June 7, 2008 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
at Les Beans Coffee Shop, 410 2nd Ave N Lake Worth, FL

Contact: Everglades Earth First!, 561 588 9666

Join Everglades Earth First! for a multi-city, webcast discussion with radical environmental author, Derrick Jensen and recently arrested environmental activist Marie Mason. The Q&A will be an interactive experience where people from all over will be able to email questions to Derrick and Marie and a webcast discussion around those questions with Derrik will ensue.

Derrick Jensen is a ground-breaking and critically-acclaimed author speaking on civilization, violence, and resistance to ecological collapse.

Check out for more info. Marie Mason is a loving mother of two and environmental and social justice activist. On March 10 she along with four others were arrested by FBI and homeland security agents and charged with two ELF related actions dating back almost a decade.

Marie's case is the latest development in what has been dubbed the Green Scare, a recent wave of government repression aimed at disrupting and discrediting grassroots environmental activism and criminalizing dissent. See, and more info on the Green Scare, Marie and her case.

Stephanie McMillan will present a slide show of her latest comics and sections of her graphic novel, plus a humorous and inspirational discussion about politics, ecocide, the Evil System, and resistance. Her new graphic novel, co-created with writer Derrick Jensen, is called "As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Stay In Denial" (Seven Stories Press). In the book, space aliens compete with corporations to eat the planet, bunnies are imprisoned in detention camps, and energy-efficient light bulbs fail to stop global warming. Her website is at

$5 donation/sliding scale, all proceeds go towards Marie Mason defense fund. No one turned away for lack of funds.


Join the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition in our

A PBCEC EcoSocial Event JUNE 16, 7 PM

at Congregation L'dor V'dor, 7400 Lake Worth Road (near Jog Rd.)

There will be entertainment, music, information, socializing, networking & refreshments; Donations towards our legal challenges will be accepted, please inquire about tax deductable options.

Help Us STOP FPL's West County Energy Center!

For almost 2 years, local residents and environmentalists have been fighting to stop construction of Florida Power & Light's proposed 3800 Megawatt power plant in Loxahatchee, 1000 feet from the National Wildlife Refuge. It has been a difficult battle, where FPL has paid off elected officials and environmental groups across the state to stay silent. PBCEC is taking the case to Federal Court and Everglades Earth First! is preparing to put FPL on trial-by-jury in criminal court, with the first case starting on June 17. We need your support!

Event sponsored by Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition, PBC Green Party & Everglades Earth First!

For more info contact: Online at:

March on the Mayors:

Right to the City hosts

40th of convening the United States Conference of Mayors in Miami, Florida

June 20-24th. Under the call "Who's City? Our City!," we will mobilize to assert our rights to live, work, play, pray, and govern over the city.

Over the last twenty years, the federal government is cutting programs and services, placing a greater burden on state and city governments. Unable to handle the pressure, cities are using neo-liberal policies and privatization to sell land, programs, and resources to make ends meet. As a result, instead of working with community, labor, cultural, academic and faith-based communities, mayors are cutting deals with luxury developers and multi-national corporations.

Affordable housing, public space, transportation, schools, are all being sold to the highest bidder. Costing us our services, programs, access, resources and, in general, our right to the city.

The movement against gentrification is grow/ing across the United States. We are moving beyond the barrios, beyond the streets, to combat the root causes of displacement, privatization, and poor governance of our cities. Join us as we TAKE BACK THE CITY!

Right to the City is a national alliance of organizations taking back our cities from the throws of gentrification. Led by community-based grassroots organizations, the alliance spans 7 cities and includes legal, media, and academic advocates from across the nation.

Governors Climate Summit, Miami June 25-26
Lets be there outside, with signs, banners and information about our fight, and our disappointment with Crist..

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