Friday, February 1, 2008

February 4th 7pm, PBCEC monthly meeting at Howley´s in West Palm (4700 South Dixie Hwy)

Hey friends,
It´s been a busy and exciting month! We have gotten our fight with FPL into court and faced off with the goliath of Florida.. And it´s only just beginning. As i write, i am preparing myself to head out the door to speak at the Focus the Nation event at the Boca PBCC campus. Tomorrow, i will take the message our fight with FPL to the USF campus in Tampa. Next month, we will spread the story of our fight across the country (and beyond), as activists from as far as Ecuador, Britain and California come and join us during the national Earth First! Winter Rendezvous & Organizers Conference, Feb 14-18 at the J.W. Corbett

So this Monday, come find out about what we, and other groups we work with, are up to. Come find out how you can get active and empowered to fight for our planet.

We will be showing short films before and after the meeting, thanks to support from the Off the Walls film project:

-´Climate of Hope´ about the climate crisis and the false solution of nuclear power

-´Loxahatchee Basin´ a film bought and paid for by Enrique Tomeau, this film will be accompanied by a report back from the Everglades Coalition conference

-´Reclaim Power´ we will watch a short clip of this film from the UK showing how grassroots action is confronting climate criminals in the energy industry

panagioti tsolkas
PBCEC co-chair

*Mark your calendar for Feb 13th. The DEP will be holding a public meeting regarding the expansion of the West County Energy Center, 6-8pm at Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center.. for more info contact

below is a message from friends at Clean Water Action:

¨PSC considers cost, need and reliability so all comments should be directed to those three items. It's not conservation, security etc. that is important but the actual $ that would be required that needs to be considered. Comments can be emailed to the PSC at All correspondence should reference Docket #070650.

It would be great if we could be copied on comments made so we have a record of what PSC was provided.

*Amount and cost of proposed wetland and habitat mitigation.
*Use of the Rate Impact Measure ignores long term savings of increased efficiency skewing cost comparisons in favor increased power generation.
*The amount of water and cost of securing 90 million gallons a day of water is unknown.
*Cost of endangered species (crocodile) mitigation.
*Cost of storage, including new locations site, of so called low level radioactive materials.
*Cost of expansion of storage capacity for spent fuel rods.
*Cost of dry cask or other measures for storage of spent fuel.
*Has the increasing cost of finite uranium been accommodated?
*Regulatory conditions incentivize capital investments in new generation and not demand side management.
*How much of the 2200 mw produced will be absorbed in energy required to run reactors 6&7, supply water, pumping, etc.?
*Has cost per MW adjusted for NET energy provided?
*What is the cost of treatment of cooling water and where will it be discharged?
*What is the source, location and projected cost of water stored in the event of Newton plant failure?
*If FPL uses the Floridan, what contingency plans are made to ensure units 6&7 remain online as the quantity of water available is unknown?
*What costs are associated with that?
*Water supply has a critical effect on the economy of Miami-Dade County and all state residents.
*Production of 90 million gallons a day is an excessive burden on public facilities and tax dollars and should be factored in to the end cost picked up by ratepayers.
*In the wake of recent security fines for security breaches at Turkey Point, a needs determination will make ratepayers responsible for increased security costs for storage of spent fuel.
*Biscayne Bay is an outstanding waterway
*The view from Biscayne National Park will be compromised by new cooling towers.¨

An arsonist burns 9000 acres of protected old-growth public forest in Oregon that can not be logged unless it burns. To stop the proposed "salvage" logging of this incredible ancient forest, citizens are moved to blockade a road and keep the government out. After facing down a bulldozer and the State Police, the fort now known as the gateway to the Cascadia Free State becomes the focus for a developing community dedicated to protecting ancient forests throughout the mountains of Oregon. The film shows confrontations with disgruntled loggers, mass arrests and a 75 day hunger strike. (94 Min.)
WHEN: Tuesday, February 12, 2008, 6-8pm
WHERE: Backbone Music, 61 SE 4th Ave, Downtown Delray
WHO: Everglades Earth First! and Improvised Action Collective (impAct)
Donations appreciated. Also proceeds go to the 2008 Everglades Earth
First! Rendezvous in Palm Beach County.
EF!-- www.earthfirst2008oc/info

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rsm said...

I recently watched "Climate of Hope". I thought it exaggerated the problems of nuclear energy, did not discuss the issues with renewables (i.e., materials use and intermittency), and did not name many sources of their claims.

I agree that nuclear is controversial and that there are ways to improve the safety of the nuclear fuel cycle, but we need a REAL discussion on energy rather than exaggerated claims (and both pro and anti are guilty on this).